Google for Nonprofits FAQ

Google for nonprofits | Frequently Asked Questions for NGOs
To help your nonprofit learn more about Google for Nonprofits and how you can benefit from this programme, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What is Google for nonprofits?
Google for nonprofits offers qualified organisations access to free versions of paid Google products and special features designed for nonprofits. These tools can help nonprofits find new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and get supporters to take action.

What products are included in Google for nonprofits?

  • Free access to Google Apps. A range of cloud programmes you can use for office administration, including Gmail, Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Calendar, Presentations, Forms/Surveys, Calendar, Chat, Drive (a cloud file storage system) and Sites.
  • Google Ad Grants. Receive up to $10,000 of AdWords advertising a month to promote your website on through keyword targeting
  • Premium access to YouTube. Increased uploading capacity, the ability to select custom thumbnail images, and call-to-action overlay on your videos.

>> Learn more about each of the nonprofit offerings on the Google for Nonprofits site.

How do I access Google for Nonprofits?
If you are not registered on SANGOTeCH Programme, you will need to register with SANGOTeCH Programme and get validated before you can apply for Google for Nonprofits. Click here for more details on how to register with us.

If you are currently registered on SANGOTeCH Programme, you will need to create/log into a Google Account.  

Next, go to Google for Nonprofits, enter your validation token*.

*You can find your organisation's validation token by logging into your SANGOTeCH Programme account then clicking the tab that says "Validation Token". A validation token looks something like this: 123a4567@1b234c5de6789000.

If you have a valid token and are eligible for the Google for nonprofits programme, you can create your account to apply to Google for Nonprofits!

Is my organisation eligible for Google for Nonprofits?
Please see Google’s eligibility criteria. You will find out whether or not your organisation is eligible after you submit your application to Google for Nonprofits.
Do I have to be validated with SANGOTeCH Programme to access Google for Nonprofits?
Yes, you first register with SANGOTeCH Programme. Based on the information and documentation you provide at registration, we will validate your organisation’s legal status and activities.

Once we have validated your organisation, you can apply for Google for Nonprofits using your validation token.
>>How to register.

How long does validation with SANGOTeCH Programme take?
We will process your application and confirm your SANGOTeCH Programme account within 7-10 business days of receipt of any necessary documents.  Expect to receive an email with the subject line "Your organization has been qualified."

Once your SANGOTeCH Programme account is approved, you can generate validation tokens  in your account (under My Account > Validation Token).

What is a Validation Token?
Please see our Validation Services FAQ

Why is SANGOTeCH Programme validating Google for Nonprofit organisations?
SANGOTeCH Programme is part of the TechSoup Global network, which helps nonprofits in 89 countries access the technology tools and education they need to better do their mission-critical work. Worldwide, the network works with more than 100 corporations and foundations and provides a trusted process for validating eligible organisations on their behalf.

My organisation is currently paying for Google Apps for Business - can I switch?
Yes! Please see Google’s information on how to switch to Google Apps for Nonprofits.

My nonprofit is already using Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits
Please see Google’s information for existing grantees