Microsoft Office 2016 Is Now Available!

The newest version of Office is now available as a donation through SANGOTeCH Botswana!

Eligible organisations can request the following Office 2016 products for Windows:

Microsoft Office 2016 — What's New and Different?

Microsoft Office 2016 — What Is New and Different?

Learn about the top new features in Microsoft's updated office suites

The 2016 version of Microsoft's productivity suite includes features for easier collaboration and sharing. Excel gets a boost in power, Outlook streamlines everyday tasks, and most applications help you find the command you need.

Google for Nonprofits FAQ

Google for nonprofits | Frequently Asked Questions for NGOs
To help your nonprofit learn more about Google for Nonprofits and how you can benefit from this programme, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

What is Google for nonprofits?
Google for nonprofits offers qualified organisations access to free versions of paid Google products and special features designed for nonprofits. These tools can help nonprofits find new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and get supporters to take action.

Validation Services | Frequently Asked Questions for NGOs

What is a validation token?

  • A validation token is a unique code that a person uses on behalf of an NGO that has been validated by SANGOTeCH Botswana. The token is used to access products and services intended for NGOs
  • Once a validation token is successfully used, the NGO is considered valid by the provider of the service or product for the time period applicable to that programme.
What does a validation token look like?
A validation token looks something like 123a4567@MyNGOname

What You Need to Know About Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits

Discover the benefits of moving to Office in the cloud

Is your staff spread across several locations? Do you have a limited budget for IT support like installations and upgrades? Do your staff and volunteers want to do their work on personal devices like smartphones or tablets? Are you tired of maintaining an in-house Exchange server? Then Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit may be right for you!

Office 2016 for Mac Now Available

The newest version of Office for Mac is now available as a donation through SANGOTeCH Botswana!

Get Windows 10 for Your Organisation

Windows 10 is here! For many organisations, the upgrade is free. Learn how to upgrade your systems.

What's New in Windows 10

What's New in Windows 10
Learn about top new features in Microsoft's latest operating system

For end users, Windows 10 introduces a new Start menu, web browser, personal digital assistant, and more. For IT admins, the latest version of Windows includes features like Azure Active Directory support and Windows Update for Business.

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August 11, 2015

Microsoft Catalog Update: Same Products, New Names

Microsoft Catalog Update: Same Products, New Names
Wondering why there is no longer a reference to year or version information in Microsoft product names in the SANGOTeCH Botswana catalog? We have simplified these names, and you can now choose the specific year or version on Microsoft's Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) website when you are downloading the software. 

For example, we previously offered separate upgrade products for Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Now there's only Windows Operating System Upgrade, and you can choose which version to download at the VLSC. Instead of offering separate Office 2013 and Office 2010 product lines, we now offer two just two Office products without the year or version: Office Professional Plus and Office Standard.

New to SANGOTeCH: Norton Security

SANGOTeCH donor partner Symantec has streamlined the Norton security products it offers through SANGOTeCH into Norton Security.