Good News! Microsoft Donations Are Available to Faith-Based Organisations

Good news! Faith-based NGOs can now receive Microsoft donations from SANGOTeCH Programme. This includes churches, synagogues and missions with a focus on worship and evangelism. From operating systems to office productivity suites to graphic design software, Microsoft has made over 250 products available for donation through SANGOTeCH Programme.

To see if your organisation is eligible, refer to

Should You Upgrade to Windows 8.1? Questions to Consider

Windows 8.1 has a brand-new look and feel, so make sure it is right for your nonprofit or library

upgradeWindows 8.1 offers some new features that may help your staff's productivity as well as the performance and longevity of your organisation's computers. To help you decide whether Windows 8.1 is a good fit for your nonprofit or library, we have come up with four questions for you to consider.

How to Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Tips for acquiring and upgrading to Microsoft’s latest operating system for your nonprofit or library

If you decide your nonprofit or library is ready to switch to Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating system, it is time to make an upgrade plan. Verify that your systems meet the technical requirements and let us walk you through steps to take before and during an install.

Obtaining Microsoft volume license keys and downloading purchased software

The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is an online tool for managing Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements, downloading products and accessing volume license keys.

More Computers for Less Money?

You can build a computer center with fewer computers. Compared to typical arrangements, Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) costs surprisingly less to adopt and maintain, saves electricity, and gives administrators group controls. For NGOs with many different missions, it’s helping people access technology . . . for much less.

Donations of Office Are Now Available

The latest version of Microsoft Office is here! Eligible NGOs and charities can now request Office Standard and Professional editions through the Microsoft Software Donation Program at SANGOTeCH Programme.

Microsoft Office offers a number of new features and benefits over Office 2010, including direct integration with SkyDrive, new graphics options, the ability to open and edit PDFs in Word, and to sync across several devices. This means you can start working on a document on your desktop and then continue where you left off on another computer, laptop, or tablet because Office saves your work in the cloud as you go.

SANGOTeCH and Techsoup Global announce results of Global Cloud Technology Survey

Technology and the NGO Sector

In March of 2012, SANGOTeCH, in partnership with TechSoup Global, conducted a survey of NGO's around the world to better understand the current state of their IT infrastructure and how they’re adopting cloud technologies. The survey garnered more than 10,500 respondents in 88 countries. We’re pleased to add this data to our ever-evolving resources for NGO's, charities, foundations, and those who support them.

The Results Are In!

SANGOTeCH Botswana Introduces New Symantec Products

Symantec logoThe Symantec Donation Programme is designed to meet the needs of small to medium non-profits and ensure they have access to the Symantec technology they need to achieve their missions. Symantec is dedicated to being an agent for positive change in those communities around the world where the company and its employees live and work. To accomplish this, Symantec partners with community organisations that address pressing social needs, with a focus on youth and education. A combination of monetary gifts, employee volunteerism and product donations leverages Symantec's resources in ways that allow them to have the most impact.